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Stylish Dress

Build you a wardrobe with options and versatility that can be worn across multiple seasons and last beyond a trend. Give you a better understanding of what fits well and looks good on you. Show you how to stylishly dress more age appropriate or for your professional level so you feel confident

Makeup and hairstyles Consultant

Our Specialist will Tell you the schemes and techniques of makeup, make a selection of cosmetics, and give recommendations on the selection of brands. Make-up that is appropriate at one time or another. Favorite makeup products are makeup basics, under shadows, under lipstick and powder, with which it is easy and simple to make a completely light day makeup.

How to look stylish and slim in any size

We all want to look better than we are. We want to emphasize our advantages and hide what we are not proud of. Today we will tell you how to always look perfect only with clothes.

About Our Image Style Offers

Colour Style Analysis

Dressing with colour is not for women only. Colour is often the only "cosmetic" men utilize on a daily basis. They don't add makeup and accessories that women use all the time. Therefore it is crucial for men to get their colours right when choosing their wardrobe. Learn about wardrobe essentials, style basics and the clothing choices that are right for you. Knowing your colours will "change your world". People will notice something different and compliment you on how well rested or good you look. We've seen it happen all the time to men who've been analyzed and have consistently worn only their best colours."

Wardrobe Analysis

Time to clear out the 'webs, and clear up the decks. We are going to roll up our sleeves and make sure what's in there works FOR you and ON you based on the goals we set in Step One - your Personal Analysis. We'll identify what should and shouldn't be in there. I'll help you create outfits using what you own already ("shopping in your closet") and showing you new ways to match and accessorize. We can create a needs to be a) replaced, b) tailored or c) tossed pile - what ever your needs are . And we can do it all the way from the lingerie drawer to the shoes rack to the coat closet - what ever is needed! Whatever your stage of life, having a personal shopper can help you gain a bit of clarity about your clothes with a wardrobe overhaul that will help you find a look that's you.

Fashion clothing and style as Celebrity stars

Stars always try to choose fashionable and beautiful clothes, because even outside of social events, their stylization is under the constant sight of paparazzi cameras. Today we will try to study the star style, look at street fashion celebrities, images in a sporty style, as well as trendy options for the red carpet. We always follow the latest trends and news of celebrities, their style of clothing.

You want to know the strengths of your appearance?

We will prepare Your style according to the Weather and Location

A stylist's consultation is a good starting point for starting changes. The stylist will select a palette of basic colors for daily sets. Colors are the most powerful weapon in the wardrobe, and when chosen correctly, they create the mood and allow you to manage the impression on a par with style. This palette is convenient to use during independent shopping and when making stylish sets. The stylist will tell you in what shades it is better to dye your hair.

Based on the analysis of Your figure, the stylist-image maker will recommend clothing styles that should be taken as the basis of the wardrobe, so that the store does not waste time trying on obviously inappropriate things. The length map will help you no longer guess the length of a sweater, skirt, or coat.

The Stylist will tell you what styles of clothing should be used to look 100% specifically in your case.

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